Past, Present, Future

Since I hold a degree in history I know the importance of knowing and respecting the past.

I know we are entering another classic age of the cocktail. But in this new classic age, will we only admire the past or will we create a new notion of the cocktail that will be remembered 200 years in the future, much like the Old Fashioned?

One has to understand the past in order to make the future better. Simple is fantastic, as I had mentioned earlier, but the future holds endless possibilities.

But where do we draw the line between future classics and marketing anomalies?

I want comments on this.

But I will leave you with a small progression in which I will compare four authors to four cocktails, tell me if you agree…Sazerac, Pegu Club, Whiskey Smash, Flirtini is to William Shakespeare, George Orwell, Stephen King, Danielle Steele…


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  1. I really think that the comparison between the Flirtini and Danielle Steele does a disservice to the Flirtini. Were it not for the fact that it was introduced to the mainstream via Sex and the City, that drink might have gone full on viral. As it stands, it inspired a resurgence in drinks with champagne floats. Though I will offer little argument that that has been a dual edged sword.

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