We work to become, not to acquire.

Elbert Hubbard was a philosopher, writer, and artist. It is the aforementioned quote that I stumbled across the other day that started to stir thoughts in my mind. You see, it is the majority of society that works to acquire. Why else work, one might ask. The majority assumes that you “become” via school, education, and certification.

But as it is always, it is the majority that rests complacent in the level known as mediocrity.

I’ve been thinking, stirring, shaking, tasting and talking…how does one instill in their employees, their colleagues, their partners, and teammates that a career is something more than a means to an end? Yes, we certainly aim to…no – it is imperative that we provide an environment conducive to monetary reward substantial enough for our partners to live comfortably.

Above that, Treason and Plot is about progress, challenge, and self-fulfillment. To bring the concept of employment and career to another level is easily obtainable if you can bring your staff’s mindset to a point where they can see beyond hours and the obvious, and come to the realization that they define the establishment. And because they define the establishment, they will be treated and rewarded as such. I think it’s difficult for someone to consistently take pride in a workplace if all they see in return are rewards on the management’s walls and the same god damn paycheck in their pocket.

For me there are many different levels and requirements that have to be met in order to make an establishment more than its competitor’s. I think it’s this philosophy, though, that when the proper circumstances are provided makes the difference. Add this to our list of intentions.


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