Battle of Hastings

First off, they never should have let a guy with a history degree name cocktails…

2 oz Lecompte Calvados 5 year

1 oz Benedictine

1/8 oz Laphroaig 10 year Cask Strength

1/4 oz water

1 Demerara sugar cube

7 dashes Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Bitters

In a pint glass soak the demerara sugar cube in the bitters and water. Muddle until sugar is fully dissolved.

Add Calvados, Benedictine, and ice. Stir.

Rinse double rocks glass in the Laphroaig.

Pour in mixture.

Zest with orange oil.

Imagine a snowy winter’s day and you’re sitting by the fire place.


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  1. […] For my final drink of the evening, Aaron gave me his Battle of Hastings cocktail. […]

  2. SO GOOD! Thank you for the history lesson and the delicious drink!

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